Friday, December 20, 2013

Oathbreaker-Eros|Anteros ALBUM REVIEW

Metal and hardcore have been successful and productive allies ever since the first half of the ‘80s when bands like Metallica and Slayer began injecting punk-like speed and ferocity into their signature brand of heavy rock. The “crossover” of metal and hardcore has since bared many delicious fruits including D.R.I., Cro-Mags, The Accused, and more recently the violently aggressive Converge and the very popular Hatebreed. And while some metal fans want there to be a considerable distance between metal and hardcore (a “like one and hate the other” mentality) it cannot be denied how tightly intertwined the genres have become, especially since the oft-maligned metalcore subgenre has become so accepted and widespread over the last decade or so. However, if the decidedly whiny clean vocals and copious breakdowns of metalcore aren’t your style, then you have some more-than-decent options at your disposal, and the Belgian black metal/hardcore crossover band Oathbreaker and their latest album Eros|Anteros is well worth taking a look at.

Yung Lean-Unknown Death 2002 ALBUM REVIEW

Swedish teen rapper (as well as self-identified “sadboy”) Yung Lean’s debut album is puzzling to say the least, and it’s honestly hard to tell if it’s good or if it’s really, really bad. You would be contemplating this as well if your first exposure to the kid was the mind-bogglingly bizarre music video for the song “Hurt” which features a barrage of imagery that’s heavy on the Pok√©mon, Nintendo, and Arizona iced tea, of all things. He’s an enigmatic and polarizing figure in today’s hip-hop scene who will certainly attract haters like crazy, and it’s difficult to determine if he is a joke (which would be wonderful) or if he’s 100% serious (which would be even more wonderful), but for the sake of this review we will take Yung Lean and his music as seriously as possible. Welcome to Unknown Death.