Friday, March 28, 2014

New Triptykon!

At the bottom of this page are two new Triptykon songs. They rule. In fact, you can just skip my two cents and listen to the songs right now, leave a nasty comment chastising me for my neglecting of this blog, and never visit this page again, and that would be fine with me. Why? Because all that's important is that you hear new Triptykon music, end of story.

I'll be honest here; I initially dismissed this project when it was announced. I didn't care whatsoever. Then one day I heard "Goetia". After thoroughly punishing myself for my ignorance of the awesomeness that was Triptykon, I went out and bought a physical copy of the album, Eparistera Daimones (people still do that.) and it became what was easily my favorite album of that year. In fact, it's minimalistic and simple approach (no "shreddy" technical guitar wizardry to be found) became a huge influence on me as a guitarist. It showed me that you don't need to be Joe Satriani or Steve Vai to make good hard rock or metal, and in this case, Tom G. Warrior surpassed those artists in terms of depth and emotional content. I realize that comparing the music of Triptykon to Satriani and Vai isn't that great of a comparison, but let's move along.

Did these two new songs hit me in the same way that "Goetia" did four years ago? Not at all, however, they get me very excited about the future release of the album that will follow up Eparistera Daimones (titled Melana Chasmata) which had such a huge impression on me. Listen for yourselves, and are you guys as excited as I am?