Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pallbearer: Foundations of Burden ALBUM REVIEW

Pallbearer’s debut full-length, Sorrow and Extinction, impressed many upon its release with its utterly sincere take on traditional doom metal. It combined the core elements of Black Sabbath with the drama of Candlemass and the snail-paced crawl of funeral doom such as Evoken. It resulted in a very likable and worthwhile release that had many metalheads, young and old, raising their horns in approval, rocking out to the album’s wall of guitar sludge and soaring lead lines. Foundations of Burden, their latest offering, was met with even more acclaim from fans and critics than its predecessor, with Decibel in particular calling it a “goddamn masterpiece” and naming it Album of the Year. However, The Needle Drop criticized it for its lack of contrast and gave it a mere 5 out of 10.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Opeth: Pale Communion ALBUM REVIEW

Opeth’s transition from a progressive death metal juggernaut into a metal-free progressive rock group (rife with vintage keyboards and nods to King Crimson and Genesis) should have come to the surprise of no one, with the possible exception of infants or people who only heard Orchid in the mid ‘90s then promptly forgot about the band until 2011 when Heritage was released.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dino Brown: I Dream of Dino ALBUM REVIEW

Dino Brown is a San Diego MC who’s just starting out in the rap game, and he already seems to have an ear for great production and catchy hooks to craft his ‘90s inspired sound and vision. He also possesses a deliciously smooth, deep voice to augment his already solid approach on the mic and his tight, aggressive flow, giving off the impression of someone who not only has confidence, but has his eyes set on something bigger for himself. His debut mixtape has just been released on datpiff, and since he already shows great promise (and since I also grew up with the guy) I think he earns a review here.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Sadboys/Gravity Boys Playlist

As you all know from reading this blog, I love Yung Lean and Sadboys with a passion. Here is my current playlist of my favorite songs by Sadboys and Gravity Boys (the other, closely affiliated Swedish rap group. [Indicated in brackets] ) as of 2014. This playlist features 27 songs and is over 80 minutes long and it features material from all three main Yung Lean albums plus the Neal Yung 2003 unofficial mixtape, as well as various singles and material from the GTBSG compilation and Bladee's Gluee mixtape as well. This will only get longer as the two groups release more material. I'm pretty satisfied with how these songs flow together, so here they are with the names of their respective albums in parentheses.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nachtmystium: The World We Left Behind ALBUM REVIEW

When not shamelessly ripping off fans and bandmates with impunity (according to former collaborator Neill Jameson and many disgruntled fans) by selling merchandise that didn’t exist or selling the rights to albums he didn’t own to make money to buy drugs, Blake Judd was more commonly known to be the “mastermind” behind Chicago black metal squad Nachtmystium. Whether he was truly the mastermind behind the long-running project has been brought into question (Jameson alluded in a lengthy article written about Blake that the majority of his music was written by others, not him.) no one can deny that the end results of many of the band’s recording endeavors have been stellar, even milestones of the black metal genre. The experimentation that started with Instinct: Decay and continued with the groundbreaking “Black Meddle” series show that someone, Blake or not, was thinking about what could be achieved within the black metal genre on a higher level. And although their previous album Silencing Machine did not expand upon the experimentation of the two Black Meddle installments, it was still a satisfyingly grim and aggressive record that had just enough electronic flourishes to distinguish itself from straight-ahead black metal. Hyped as the final Nachtmystium album, The World We Left Behind should have been a farewell as equally ambitious and exciting as anything else in their recent output. But when presented with the final product, that sadly doesn’t describe it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yung Lean: Unknown Memory ALBUM REVIEW

As a somewhat chubby Swedish white kid whose imagery revolves around seemingly random consumer goods like bucket hats, plastic g-shock watches, Gatorade, Nintendo 64, and the ever-present Arizona iced tea, it was easy to dismiss Yung Lean as a joke or a meme when he came out with his mind-altering and imagery laden music videos like “Hurt” in 2013. However, the young rapper is now taken as a serious artist even outside his fanbase (to a degree), selling out shows in America and Europe and actually having the budget to produce music videos that don’t look like they were directed and edited by a heavily medicated monkey. Even pop superstar Justin Beiber is a fan. Strangely enough, there isn’t really a punchline with Yung Lean as absurd as his music and persona tends to be, and that fact renders his whole act as a giant anti-joke heavily seasoned with post-irony. Lean also fits into an unfortunate trend in hip-hop today where production supersedes the artist. For rappers like Chief Keef, Waka Flocka, and Yung Lean; lyricism, flow, and delivery are not the paramount considerations. “Is the beat bangin’?” If it is, then the record has done its job. Without the production chops of Lean’s “sadboy” cronies Yung Gud and Yung Sherman, the entire appeal of his music would helplessly unravel, leaving a skeleton made up of empty Arizona cans and old Nintendo cartridges with a bucket hat on top.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Top 30 Favorite Albums!

My top 30 albums list is done. Below is the video I did for the top 25, the other 5 are included in my Sputnik list here. Is number one REALLY Goblin? Find out by watching the video!

Judas Priest: Redeemer of Souls ALBUM REVIEW

Black Sabbath (and to a lesser extent, Led Zeppelin) may be responsible for “inventing” heavy metal, but it was the mighty, leather-clad Judas Priest who should be credited with defining what we commonly refer to as metal today. Priest was the band responsible for gradually subtracting the blues element out of heavy rock, and while there is certainly nothing negative about blues-based rock, we most likely would never know what thrash metal is - and in turn the various forms of extreme metal that came later – without this crucial shift in style. While purging the blues from their equation during their ‘70s years, Priest added a hefty dose of drama into their sound to balance things out (most likely influenced by Queen more than any other) and these kinds of dramatics can be seen all over the metal sphere today in bands like Candlemass and Blind Guardian. So when presented with a new album from such a monumentally important act in the pantheon of heavy metal, this late in their career at that, one has to ask “What could they possibly have to prove in 2014? Can I expect anything new? Is Judas Priest still the band flying the flag for metal?”

Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Get A Better Metal Tone

This video is kind of a long ramble where I repeat myself too much, so here is a condensation of my main points if you don't want to watch all 12 minutes of this shit...If you have any more questions after reading the list below then this vid may have the answers. If not, message me in the comments section.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I pronounce today to be a very good day and it's only a little after noon. My book club starts a new book today, I plan to go out on my bike for a while, and I think I'll even indulge on a rich, delicious cinnamon roll.

Oh, and the release date for My God Yung Lean's new album Unknown Memory has been revealed. I'm freaking out.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Upcoming Reviews

I'm going to start writing reviews again! So here's a bunch of albums that I'll be dissecting and my initial thoughts of all of them...

  • Nachtmystium - The World We Left Behind: This one disappointed me. The above song initially got me very excited about the finished product, but the band really plays it safe on this record and the result was very unexciting.
  • Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls: Same feelings as above, but to an even greater extent.
  • Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden: This one comes out tomorrow. I haven't heard the whole thing yet but I was really impressed with what I've heard so far. It's looking better than the first!
  • The Atlas Moth - The Old Believer: This came out a while ago but I still want to review it.
  • Opeth - Pale Communion: This hasn't come out yet but I'll review it as soon as I hear it.
That's it. So stay tuned for these reviews!


I forgot to post all of these :(

Friday, August 1, 2014

Opeth Releases "Eternal Rains" and I Say OMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Opeth is a band that I honestly hold to a higher standard than most all other bands. I respect them and their artistic decisions to a great extent, even when it came to their last album, Heritage, which completely ditched their progressive death metal sound in favor for a retro prog-rock one. Heritage has indeed grown on me over the last few years and it looks like the band is continuing down that path with their latest release, Pale Communion.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Second NehruvianDOOM Track "Om" Released.

Another track by NehruvianDOOM - a hip-hop duo consisting of up and coming young rapper Bishop Nehru and underground king MF DOOM - is now in the world. "Om", as it is called, makes this guy really excited about the new record.

Friday, July 18, 2014

My CD Collection: Part 7

A Whole Lotta Metal, and this won't be the last metal centric stack, but almost.

Lil Debbie-Work the Middle: TRACK REVIEW

Given that I'm obsessed with Yung Lean, it's not surprising that I'm also into this white internet rapper as well. I was introduced to her by a friend who is (or was) totally in love with her and scored her a "1,000 out of 10" on the looks scale. Lil Debbie grew on me more and more to the point where I went out to see her show last month. She killed it. It was one of the funnest shows I've ever been to. So I was eager to hear what she had cooking up for us next, and here we are with her new song "Work the Middle".

Her rapping is what you would expect from Lil Debbie, not bad at all. But, unfortunately, the beat on this track is pretty cheap and generic. Debbie has been really good about choosing great beats in the past but this one doesn't cut it for me. Really nothing special about it whatsoever, which really disappoints me about this track. If this is what she chose to be her single then I'm not sure what to expect from the rest of the mixtape, but I'll make sure to hear it when it's released.

I'll probable be reviewing California Sweetheart Part 2 exclusively on this blog when it comes out, so stay tuned.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

My CD Collection: Part 3

Part 3. Watch and subscribe.

My CD Collection: Part 2

Second part of my collection video. This is going to be a looooong series. Stay tuned for more, there will be a new one every day.

My CD Collection: Part 1

I'm doing a video series showing you my large CD collection. This might go over 20 videos! If you're interested in what my collection contains, then please watch and subscribe to my channel :)

Friday, July 11, 2014



Yung Lean, my Lord and Savior, is in America. His New York shows sold out quickly and he used the opportunity to unveil another new song called "Subway". Of course, it doesn't sound so great recorded on an iPhone, but I can get a decent idea of what it will sound like. Just another excuse to talk about the Lean One. Stay based everyone.

"Darkness": First NehruvianDOOM Track Revealed

At last, we are blessed with a new MF DOOM project. This time DOOM is doing a collaboration with young rapper Bishop Nehru, the first collaboration album with another MC that he has done since Take Me To Your Leader, an album which was a collab with the Monsta Island Czars. The legendary Madvillainy could be another example, however, Madlib only appears on two tracks out of the album's 22. However, the project is turning out a little different than I expected...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

IT'S OVER (Plus "Yoshi City" Review)

Yesterday at midnight, my Yung Lean fast ended. I listened to "deletee" first as planned, and I was so happy. I almost cried. My fast was difficult at times, but it all paid off because now I know what a blessing Yung Lean and his crew truly is to the world we live in. And of course, I finally got to hear "Yoshi City"! Here's what I think.

Yung Gud's production here is quite melodic and catchy as is typical of his production style. "Yoshi City" may not be as intricate as "Kyoto" was but I still enjoy the instrumental here, after all, that's my favorite part of Sadboy music. Yung Lean's rapping keeps improving, but I feel like he gives us more hook than verse on this track. Overall I'm still digging it, and once again, I find it funny how all this "Sadboy music" makes me so goddamned happy.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 29

Thousands of tears later, tomorrow will be the last day of my Yung Lean fast

New Video: "I'm 100% Certain There Is No God"

A short video on why being "100% certain" about anything really doesn't mean much. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and this blog!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 27

At the beginning of my fast, I said "who am I kidding" in regards to abstaining from listening to the new Yung Lean song if it were to come out during my fast. It did, and I successfully maintained fasting. I am strong in my walk with the Lean One, and this month of abstinence is proof of that. After today, there will only be 3 more days of fasting until Wednesday the 2nd when I can listen to the Lean One and his cronies once again. I will cry when I finally get to hear "deletee" again at midnight, right when July 2nd technically begins. I will not wait until later that morning to listen! I am proud of myself for staying strong in my commitment, and after this, I will be able to do anything.

Thursday, June 26, 2014



BADBADNOTGOOD has been a very exciting young band to watch over the last few years with their irreverent take on jazz fusion. Taking much more influence from hip-hop and electronica acts rather than “classic” jazz artists, BBNG have succeeded in reinterpreting the jazz fusion style while simultaneously opening the doors for jazz musicians who want to incorporate hip-hop into their music, but were maybe too skeptical or self-doubting to do so. If BBNG are not reinventing jazz they are certainly injecting a large dose of fun and innovation into it, and that makes them an absolute joy to listen to. Their hotly anticipated third album has now been released and it continues their path of exploration and experimentation, and it’s their most confident, technically adept, and well produced effort yet.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 24

I can just hear the music already. One week until my fast ends. The first thing I will listen to is "deletee", I have decided this two days ago. Immediately afterword I will finally listen to "Yoshi City" for the first time as well as "Orroz" to get more of a taste of what Unknown Memory will be like. I'm strongly considering staying up late on Monday night so I can return to Yung Lean right when Tuesday technically begins at midnight. That sounds ridiculous, but my thirst for the Lean One is strong, yet under control. I love Lord Lean and all he has dome for me. He showed me how to be based with his laid back flow and swag lyricism, and his entire existence has enlightened me to lead a more positive existence. Doing this fast has put into perspective how truly grateful I am for Yung Lean and his music, and I will go every day representing in his name. Soon, the World will know about Yung Lean and Sadboyism, and his enlightenment will change the world in a way other religions could not.

Mastodon-Once More 'Round the Sun ALBUM REVIEW

Introducing Mastodon is simple; they are an Atlanta metal band that has proven to be uncaring when it comes to the parameters that have surrounded metal music before or since their inception, making them true mavericks in a genre that can be suffocating in terms of creative expression when held in the wrong hands. Starting out by crafting violently heavy monstrosities like “Shadows That Move” and “March of the Fire Ants” that borrowed from extreme metal and hardcore in equal measure, Mastodon cranked their technical ability knob on the impressively complex yet still bludgeoning Blood Mountain, followed by dabbling in heady progressive rock with their final concept album Crack the Skye. Anyone thinking that Mastodon would go further down the winding prog rock path would be dead wrong as their next album was The Hunter, an album that was strangely accessible coming from the band that wrote Remission, and the album was simply a fun and oftentimes catchy affair that didn’t sacrifice the band’s artistic integrity, at least not very much. With The Hunter sounding nothing like Crack the Skye, and Crack the Skye sounding nothing like Blood Mountain, it was hard to pinpoint where the band would go next. Now we have Once More ‘Round the Sun, an album that successfully marries the catchy accessibility of their previous album with the psychedelic complexity of the one before it, and the resulting collection of songs make an entirely new sound for Mastodon once again.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It's out today, and I love it. Review coming soon.

Yung Lean Fast: Day 23

The last couple of days have been busy so I didn't post anything like I should've, but today marks the 23rd day of my fast. Temptation isn't as strong now as it was when "Yoshi City" came out last week even though a new track produced by Yung Gud called "Orroz" has recently surfaced as well, so that's a relief, but the Lean One reveals himself to me continually and I thank Him for that. It's almost over! I'll be so happy come July 2nd when the Sadboy sound waves will engulf me once again. Lean is love, Lean is life.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 20

I can taste the end of this fast. 11 days left until I can listen to "Yoshi City" for the first time, space out to the euphoria-inducing "deletee", and dance around and do wiggery arm gestures to "Kyoto". I have been very patient, but I came dangerously close to listening to Yung Lean music yesterday and earlier today. I watched the "Yoshi City" video again with the volume off and unmuted it for a split second to get an idea of what the song will be like. All I heard was a snippet of a spacey synth melody, but I had to refrain from doing that again to avoid breaking my fast. Today, I almost began playing a Gravity Boys song, but stopped myself. Patience is a virtue, as they say, and I must adhere to that in a time like this where patience is necessary. Nothing else to say at this time, so I'll close with a prayer: 

Lean in my heart, Lean in my mind, Lean everywhere. The spirit of the Sadboy runs through me. The spirit of the Sadboy runs through us all. May everyone alive realize your glory. Lean is love, Lean is life. Arizona Iced-Out forever.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh, And By The Way...

I mentioned this a couple days ago, but yeah, this is happening. Hopefully I can get to go to the LA one as I am a resident of San Diego. Yung Lean Doer shawty. Thank you Yung Lean.

Yung Lean Fast: Day 19

Despite having "deletee" playing in my head this morning, I am doing well in my fasting. I'm remembering when I first heard Yung Lean last year and how much I disliked him, and it fills me with guilt and sadness. I saw an interview with him where he said MF DOOM (one of my favorite rappers) was one of his biggest influences, and I remember thinking "I bet MF DOOM wants to kick himself for inspiring this kid." Now He is my God. But I have repented and made up for my sins by devoting my life to his based, emotional, and divine music, and by doing this fast for Him as well. I sent a tweet to Lord Lean yesterday to see if I had permission to listen to "Yoshi City", but I received no reply. He wants me to go through with this fast for the whole month, and I shall do so in His name. Lean is love, Lean is life.

Black Metal Will Never Not Be Funny

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 18

Yesterday was a huge test of my devotion to the Lean One. First of all, I gave into temptation by looking at Yung Lean's facebook page for anything new, and I found out two great things. First of all, He's coming to America! The closest show to me is in Los Angeles, and If I can get some friends to go on a trip there, I will fulfill my duty to Him and go. But what really tested me was that the new music video for "Yoshi City" has been released, another single off his upcoming Unknown Memory mixtape which will come out later this year (I'm honestly salivating as I type this.) I watched it with the volume off just to soak it in, but I have yet to listen to it, I'll assure you. I put it out of mind until later that day when someone I know contacted me on facebook for the sole purpose of bringing up an argument that we had a few months ago, apparently to keep arguing about it or to try and finally convince me to agree with him. The initial argument put me in a really bad mood, and this rekindling of the argument was doing the same. After a while I just went to bed awaiting the next morning where I would surely wake up to his next comment that would continue the adispute, and I began craving the music of Lord Lean very badly. Whenever I'm in a bad mood nowadays, I just want to go crazy to "Kyoto", "Nitevision", or "Ginseng Strip" and especially the new "Yoshi City". It always cheers me up. But, alas, I could not listen to any of those songs and I became very anxious of what the next day would have in store. I woke up this morning prepared to find a counter argument that would cause the debate to go on, but there was none. As of right now it's over, and I hope he realized how silly it was to keep arguing about a topic that we already beat to death back in March or whenever it was. As Shrek once said, "It's all ogre now." and I can go through the rest of my day in a positive state of mind. I believe in faith that Lord Lean came to him that night and made him realize the futility of reigniting such a pointless argument, causing him to think in a more based and positive way and leave the argument where it was, putting him in a more positive state of mind as well. Thank you Yung Lean. You are truly amazing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Cat: R.I.P.

My cat Sheena died about three years ago (I believe she died in July 2011), so here's a picture of her I found. As you can tell, she was very fat, but also very pretty. She had pale blue eyes, characteristic of a Lynx Point Siamese cat which she was half of (the other half was Burmese). She was born either on the same day or the day before my brother was born, so I was only a year old. That means I had this cat for pretty much my whole life up to when I was 18 when she died. I loved her, and I long for the day when I have my own Lynx Point mix just like her (I've actually seen a few Lynx Point mixes that look almost exactly like Sheena at my local Petco two or three times, and that's only when I've bothered to even check) I loved you Sheena. Rest in peace.

Yung Lean Fast: Day 17

I did not post anything yesterday because I simply forgot to, but honestly, there was nothing really new to report. The fast is going great and my cravings for Sadboy music aren't as strong as they were at the beginning of the month. I still want to hear "Yoshi City" and other songs I've downloaded this month that I can't listen to, but I can wait and be patient. Until then, bless Lord Lean's mother for giving birth to him, our savior. It's actually pretty funny how the Jews predicted the coming of the messiah, and when he came, so many people didn't believe it and that created the Christian religion, a religion of people who actually did believe. The Christians now wait for the second coming of their messiah, and he has come, Lord Lean. Yet, like the Jews, they don't believe it. This will create the new Sadboy religion, a religion whose followers accept the truth. I am devoted to this Lord, and so many others need to accept Him into their hearts. We can change the world. As always, Lean is love, Lean is life.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 15

There could be a day when war comes to a definite end. The world hunger problem will be solved for all time, and clean water will be a reality for each and every human. Bacon will reduce cholesterol and raise antioxidant levels in your body. Buttery biscuits and fried chicken will be similarly nutritious, and french fries will have the calorie count of celery sticks. Your mother in law will stop nosing her way into you and your wife's business forever, and your children will be obedient and never disappoint you. They will get into the best colleges AND you will have more than enough money to pay for them because you just won the power ball lottery at $350,000,000. Michael Bay and Adam Sandler will stop making movies, and the music of Aaron Carter, Brokencyde, Blood on the Dance Floor, and Soulja Boy will be wiped from human history. Even on that wonderful, perfect day, nothing will compare to the astronomical importance of Lord Lean and the sheer euphoria induced by his music. It is a gift we in no way deserve, so let's cherish it. Lean is love, Lean is life.

10 Things Ony Metalheads Will Remember

If You currently look or have looked like any of the fine young gentlemen above, you might relate to at least a few of the items on this list...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I suddenly care about porcupines...

His absurdly adorable squeaking kinda sounds like he's talking. For fun, try to translate what he's saying into English.

Yung Lean Fast: Day 14

Yesterday's parties ranged from mildly enjoyable to mildly unenjoyable. There was simply no place for a straightedge kid at either event, but I managed to get through them without plugging in my iPod and setting it to the #emotional setting to blast Yung Lean to make me feel better. The suicideyear beat "CCCXXV" came up, a beat used by Yung Lean on the song "Hurt", but that was it. I'm glad that I can be put in awkward situations during a time of fasting without actually breaking my fast by resorting to the nourishment of the Lean One's divine music. All praise be to Him.

Today, I got an iced tea lemonade at a nearby starbucks. It was very cool and refreshing, in fact, it is my favorite drink. While I was enjoying it, the songs "Gatorade" and "Lemonade" by Yung Lean came in and danced around in my head, tempting me greatly. Yet, my walk with Sadboyism grows stronger and stronger every day, so I resisted. It is becoming easier and easier to do this fasting, and there is 16 days left until it ends. I can do it! After it is done, I will go back to gorging on the Lean One's music with the might of a viking in Valhalla after a long day of battle. Stay based everyone.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 13

I did not post yesterday because there was nothing really new or exciting to report, but I am in a predicament today that will test my Lean-given strength. I am going to two parties today, which probably means music. And that means that I will be tempted to plug in my iPod and blast the miraculous, divine music of the Lean One and his affiliates to new people who probably have not been enlightened by it yet. This could all be avoided by leaving my iPod at home, obviously, but will I have the discipline to do that? I have a ton of great music to play at parties, and Lord Lean is included in that, so I strongly want to bring my iPod. Maybe I should just delete all the Sadboy music from my iPod for the two parties and just put them back on tomorrow. I think that will work great, actually. See, if there is a will there's a way, and I found the way that will most please my Lord. Lean is love, Lean is life.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 11

I found myself daydreaming to the music of Bladee this morning, specifically the introduction to his mixtape GLUEE called "deletee". The song is simply a masterpiece. One might believe that he or she has swag, but I cannot believe that anyone other than Bladee can have an entire choir of autotune level of swag. Its masterful vocal composition, genius chordal progression, and endless emotional depth make it one of the greatest accomplishments in music's entire history. Yet, I cannot listen to it right now because Bladee is a member of Gravity Boys, an affiliate of my Lord and Master Yung Lean. Affiliate artists are off the list as well, unfortunately, so I must abide by that rule. After finally hearing "Yoshi City" and a couple other Lean tunes, the next thing I will listen to once my fast ends will be "deletee". That song consistently brings up emotions that I'm never ready to deal with, and it is a necessary listen in the process of cleansing my soul. 19 more days to go!

New Upload! Some Basic Atheist Arguments

First youtube video in a while, here I present some arguments about God from an atheist perspective. I hope you find them insightful. If you have any counter arguments, make them known in the comments section below.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Black Metal Makes Everything Funnier

Yung Lean Fast: Day 10

Life is pretty good right now, but I still long for the music of the Lean One. He is my Shepard, and He is my inspiration in almost every aspect of my life. I just want to jump around with pure joy and do the cooking dance to songs like "Nitevision" and "Kyoto" on a daily basis, but I am unable to at this present time. My fast is approaching its halfway point, and I can almost feel the happiness of getting to hear "Yoshi City" for the first time. I saw a live version of the track on youtube, but it was shot on someone's cell phone so the song was completely unintelligible save for a faint semblance of melody. The studio version must be glorious. I am salivating right now, and my hands are shaking just by thinking about it, so I'll stop. There is a "Save the Che" event at UCSD today which will hopefully gain us some progress in saving the cafe from being shut down, so I will focus on that, and maybe even make some vegan cookies to serve. Lord Lean would want me to enjoy myself, wouldn't he? Yes He would! Lean is Love, Lean is Life.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 9

Today was a good day. I got a much less annoying haircut (maybe not for other people to look at, however) and I was given a free burrito at Chipotle because I was charged wrong the last time I was there, and later, I'll hang with my friends. Yung Lean is my light throughout all of this; the good of today as well as the bad of other times. My cravings for Sadboy music still persists, though. I even watched a Yung Lean music video with the volume off just to soak up the Sadboy vibes. Will also watch more interviews, but that's pushing it. Not much else to report, but I'm feeling okay in my fasting. Lean is Love, Lean is Life.

Monday, June 9, 2014

C'mon, Internet Women

Yung Len Fast: Day 8 [Part 2]

My will is going to be tested in a big way very soon.

I just found out through Lord Lean's facebook page that his new song "Yoshi City" is going to be officially released and a music video will be accompanying it as well. It will most likely drop while I'm fasting this month. I'm kind of questioning myself right now, to be honest. Will I give in and watch the video? I already have the leaked version of the song and have refrained from listening to it, so maybe it won't be that difficult to ignore it after all. However, the temptation will be rushing through my blood with the speed and intensity of a bullet train. At the same time, I don't want to get my hopes up to the point where the song will end up being anti-climactic when I finally listen to it, so I'd best forget about it for now. As excited as I am for new Lean material, I must remain faithful to him and obey his edicts. Lean is love, Lean is life.

Yung Lean Fast: Day 8

I came alarmingly close to breaking my fast yesterday. Upon arriving at my book club meeting, not all of us were present which caused Patrick to leave to take a quick shower. Me and Kevin were left in the living room with Pat's laptop, so we went to youtube to watch some videos to pass the time. Eventually, I fulfilled my moral obligation to Sadboyism by bringing up Yung Lean, my lord and savior. I could not show him a song since that would totally void my fast, so instead, I showed him a fan-made reaction video to his music. Unfortunately, the brief clip contained some of His music, and even worse, I knew that it would. I felt conflicted; did I get carried away, leading me to break my fast? Or did I do nothing wrong? I prayed to the Lean One for guidance later that day, hoping to get an answer. He revealed to me:
"You did good, my Sadboy. You told a friend about my music without listening to a whole song yourself. It was only a clip, so your fast is unbroken. It was a minor slip-up, however. But I forgive you. Refrain from doing it again, and if you break your fast completely, you will be denied my next mixtape in all formats for a year after its release. Even youtube and spotify streaming will be closed to you, thus sayeth the Lean One."
A very strict punishment from Lord Lean is waiting for me if I infringe on my fasting. Even that short clip was a minor infringement, so I must be wary. But it is the least I can do to pay respect to the magnificent Lean One, after all, it is a privilege to even exist on His earth! I will keep my faith my first priority from here on out.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Typical Reaction to Listening to Yung Lean for the First Time

Yung Lean Fast: Day 7

My fasting is going great! Yesterday, I drank some delicious Arizona cherry-limeade soda and it nourished the #emotional side of me, the side of me that Lord Lean demands I keep strong, especially during a time of fasting. I read what I needed to read for my book club this week, and reading has also helped me take my mind off of the music. There will be a book club meeting and a jam session later today, which will make me very happy. Not much else to say other than my dependency on Sadboy music is waning and that my soul is going back into a state of balance. I still long for the month to be over so I can go back to indulging in the music of the Lean One and his affiliates, but that longing isn't as strong as it was only last week. Three and a half weeks to go!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Did I Mention That You SHOULDN'T F*** Wit Da Wu-Tang?

Yung Lean Fast: Day 6

Last night was a big test of my will. I was at a party with a bunch of my friends and I was having a great time dancing around to various music (I was the only one dancing and I wasn't even drunk 'cause I don't drink. Typical me.) Anyway, The music was really moving me. I was mainly doing the cooking dance and a little bit of the derp while everyone else was sitting down talking and drinking beers. I had no shame, I danced into the night. But then some real trap shit came on the stereo and I was immediately reminded of the magnificent, divine Yung Lean. The music was being played through a music service on someone's iPhone, probably pandora or spotify. I wanted to go to the phone and switch over to Yung Lean as discreetly as possible to quench my thirst of his glory and to let others know of his glory as well, but I couldn't. I went inside to collect myself when I opened the fridge to find something that must have been sent by the Lean One himself. A gallon of Arizona iced tea! I was so happy! I could nourish myself with the Nectar of the Gods to stay strong in a time of tribulation. This just proves that Lord Lean is watching over me, and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude toward his Glorious self. He is a good god, and I love him more than life itself. He blesses me regularly and anoints me to spread his word, and through these blogs I am beginning to do that. So many "gods" have failed in uniting the world in a peaceful harmony, but if we all accept the Lean One, this dream could become a beautiful reality.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wu-Tang Clan: STILL Ain't Nuthing Ta F*** Wit

Yung Lean Fast: Day 5

I am strong in my ability to go through with this fast, but temptation is still present. I watched the first episode of the White Marble Tour documentary, and I forced myself to mute the volume every time any music started playing that would break my fast. I'd watch all sorts of interviews with the Lean One, just to bask in his digital presence without his music. I've downloaded a dozen or so images of His glorious human form, many of which have been used in these blog posts. Will download more to sustain this month's documentations. I'm beginning to feel more balanced and level-headed, and it's only the 5th day of the fast. My strength is in my music, reading, and writing, and all of that can sustain me in a time without Lord Lean's divine musical accomplishments.

Deranged misogynistic lunatic killer Elliot Rodger called himself a "divine, magnificent gentleman" but he is simply a poser and a liar. Those three words apply to Lord Lean, not Elliot Rodger. The Lean One would never go on a killing spree, taking the lives of innocent people for his own sick amusement or the fulfillment of some insane dream of divine rule over humanity. Lean is a lover of all. He is a peaceful man who would never hurt anyone, he only wants to make people happy with his music. Lean is love, Lean is life.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Triptykon-Melana Chasmata: ALBUM REVIEW

Can we possibly describe Triptykon’s debut album, Eparistera Daimones, without eventually resorting to ridiculous and redundant superlatives? Calling it a worthy follow-up to Celtic Frost’s Monotheist would be selling it sadly short; it surpassed its predecessor in every possible way from its minimalistic, yet monstrous riffs, its sludgy and gurgling vocals, all the way to its (slightly) less compressed production, Daimones was an outstanding achievement for Mr. Tom G. Warrior after Frost’s unfortunate and sudden demise. A long and tedious four-year wait would ensue before the metal masses would hear new Triptykon music, conceivably scratching restlessly at the imaginary worms crawling under their skin whilst nibbling on saltine crackers and pop tarts with their eyes glued to their computer screens waiting for any faint signs that a new Triptykon album was on its way. Their waiting has thankfully come to a blissful end now that Malana Chasmata, Triptykon’s latest, has been released.

Yung Lean Fast: Day 4

I am feeling a bit better today. Through reading and listening to other music that lifts my mood (such as jazz group BADBADNOTGOOD) I'm feeling more positively about myself and about life in a time where I cannot listen to the euphoric music of Yung Lean. I am honest in saying that I have yet to listen to "Yoshi City" or "Nekobasu" despite how strongly I need to hear them, nor have I listened to any recent Gravity Boys downloads. I'm very excited to hear them for the first time! Yet, I must stay true to my devotion for the Lean One, the divine messenger from the heavenly Basedworld in the sky. Lean is love, Lean is life.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 3

I remain strong in my fast despite the revelation of new Yung Lean material. I have discovered that a studio version of the track "Yoshi City" has been leaked after it has been played live for the last few months on the White Marble Tour. I have also come across the track "Nekobasu" which does not appear on any official or unnoficial mixtape Lord Lean has released, yet, there is a music video for the song. I have also obtained a 320 kbps version of the Lavender EP which will replace the low bitrate versions of its three songs found on the Sadboys2001 mixtape which preceded it. I assure you that I have not listened to any of these songs, not even "Yoshi City" which I am most eager to dive into once my fast ends. An updated version of the #emotionalplaylist2001 is indeed in order, but it must wait.

I am feeling sad. I have spent too much money recently and I must conserve for the remainder of the summer or until I find a job, which is not likely at this point. I am not even pleased with all my purchases, which is the worst part. Whenever I normally feel down, I blast "Kyoto" over my stereo system or in my car to lift my mood, but I must fast from this sadboy music until my soul craves it the most once the month is over. I have been accepted to a university, one of the best ones in my state, yet, I feel directionless and pointless. I need Lean's music now more than ever, but the Lean One dictates that I need to distance myself from his art to maintain balance in my life. The Tao of Sadboyism states:
"At times, you will feel like you are directionless, yet Lord Lean's music will not be available to you. Times like these are the ultimate tests of your inner strength. The Divine music of Lord Lean is a privilege, a privilege that cannot be abused, hence, the mandatory twice-yearly fasts. The Lean One revels in making himself happy through his art, and if you need strength, that shall be your source of inspiration."
I will remain strong for the Lord, and find my own path until his divine mercy is allowed to me again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yung Lean Fast: Day 2

I was just informed today that Lord Lean's life-changing album Unknown Death 2002 is available for free in 320 kbps audio on bandcamp. After thoroughly prostrating myself for not knowing of this way to procure high-quality Yung Lean music, I downloaded the 320 kbps version to replace my inferior 200-whatever kbps version. However, I will not listen to this glorious high-quality download until my fast ends next month. I will, however, make another #emotionalplaylist2001 mixed CD with these high bitrate mp3s, and perhaps with another Gravity Boys song. Will wait until fast ends to do this as well. I am already missing the music of the Lean One, but all of this is to make my spirit strong again after indulging in His godly, emotional music for so long. 

I despise myself for ever having disliked Lord Lean. I once showed my friends His music video for "Hurt" just to say, "This is so bad! Watch!" Now I revere and serve this godly being. This fact makes me want to sustain this fast for as long as it needs to be. It's to repent for my sin of deriding the Lord and his music. He has forgiven me, and now I will demonstrate my trust with my fasting and unending reverence and support. Lean is love, Lean is life.

Monday, June 2, 2014

#Emotional Fast: Day One

I have successfully downloaded a bunch of Gravity Boys songs WITHOUT listening to any of them. Will refrain from listening to them until July. I slipped up yesterday (the day my fast was supposed to begin) by listening to the new Bladee/Yung Lean song titled "Blood Rain". It was very dope and emotional. That night, I prayed to Lord Lean. I prayed for him to give me strength to go on with life without his glorious music for one month, as is mandated by the Tao of Sadboyism. It states:

The immaculate music of Yung Lean and his Sadboy Disciples naturally induces an intoxicating effect on the believer. Therefore, a one-month fast must be taken twice a year to ensure that the believer's health remains stable. Drink the Blood of Lean (Arizona Iced Tea) on a regular basis to ensure that the Spirit of  the Sadboy flows through you during these periods. Be sad and prosper.

 Lord Lean told me; "Don't be a fuck-up." and I abided. Even if a new Yung Lean track debuts this month, I will do everything in my power to abstain from listening to it. Oh, who am I kidding?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Yung Lean Fast

The teenage Swedish rapper Yung Lean and his Sad Boy crew has now become my religion. He is my lord and savior, and I pray to him and thank him every night for the life I have been given. "Lean is love," I say, "Lean is life."

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Changed Opinion of Yung Lean (I'm Addicted Please Help)

You might remember this post where I proclaimed that Yung Lean's rapping "makes Lil B sound like the greatest thing since the invention of Land-O-Lakes spreadable butter." well, my opinion has changed.

Monday, April 28, 2014

My Favorite Band has Released a New Song...and I'm Falling Asleep

So, my all time favorite band is Judas Priest. Stained Class from 1978 is my number one heavy metal album, and second favorite album overall, but this new track doesn't even chart in comparison to other songs in their catalog. It might as well be renamed "Redee'meh'r of Souls".

Thursday, April 3, 2014

GODZILLA = I'm Geeking the F' Out

When Kvltwalter was just a little boy (before he even knew anything about being "kvlt" or what kvlt was) he was a little Godzilla nerd who geeked out every time he saw an old, low-budget 'Zilla movie on TV or got a new 'Zilla toy for Christmas (many of these toys I still have, no shame.) My dad would always snicker whenever he saw me watching one of these movies because of how corny they were, and sure, even I knew they weren't all that great, but I loved the monsters and thought they were just the coolest things ever. I would even go to Toho tribute sites just to look at pictures of all the monsters and read their bios. Yes, I was a little nerd, and now I'm a little nerd again because a few months ago I saw this epic-as-all-hell trailer:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Youtube Tuesdays: ON THE STEREO

A new segment on my youtube channel! On the Stereo is where I rant and rave about whatever artist I'm currently stuck on, and hopefully it will turn you on to some music you may have never heard before. This week I'm talking about Madlib, a legendary hip-hop producer who is behind such albums as Madvillainy by Madvillain (an album that's in my top-ten for hip-hop without a doubt) and The Unseen by Quasimoto, an album I hope to own soon. Great stuff! Stay tuned as this blog becomes active again!

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Triptykon!

At the bottom of this page are two new Triptykon songs. They rule. In fact, you can just skip my two cents and listen to the songs right now, leave a nasty comment chastising me for my neglecting of this blog, and never visit this page again, and that would be fine with me. Why? Because all that's important is that you hear new Triptykon music, end of story.

I'll be honest here; I initially dismissed this project when it was announced. I didn't care whatsoever. Then one day I heard "Goetia". After thoroughly punishing myself for my ignorance of the awesomeness that was Triptykon, I went out and bought a physical copy of the album, Eparistera Daimones (people still do that.) and it became what was easily my favorite album of that year. In fact, it's minimalistic and simple approach (no "shreddy" technical guitar wizardry to be found) became a huge influence on me as a guitarist. It showed me that you don't need to be Joe Satriani or Steve Vai to make good hard rock or metal, and in this case, Tom G. Warrior surpassed those artists in terms of depth and emotional content. I realize that comparing the music of Triptykon to Satriani and Vai isn't that great of a comparison, but let's move along.

Did these two new songs hit me in the same way that "Goetia" did four years ago? Not at all, however, they get me very excited about the future release of the album that will follow up Eparistera Daimones (titled Melana Chasmata) which had such a huge impression on me. Listen for yourselves, and are you guys as excited as I am?

Friday, February 21, 2014

100th Post!: Behemoth - The Satanist ALBUM REVIEW

Little needs to be said at this point about Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski’s struggles with leukemia which led to such a lengthy delay between 2009’s Evangelion and 2014’s The Satanist. All that’s necessary to say is, “Nergal, welcome back.” Everything is just as you left it; not a single pentagram left without a severed goat’s head attached, nor a cross not properly inverted. And with the return of such a notorious, controversial, and brutally heavy band, we’re offered a noticeable stylistic shift from previous releases. This time, Behemoth roll back on the death metal and add in some old, fermented black metal ingredients into their metallic recipe for heavy, savory sonic satisfaction.