Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Wolves in the Throne Room Album Details

Wolves in the Throne room (and no, I don't believe they're a hipster band) are easily one of my favorites in modern metal, at least, when they WERE making metal, which has just come to a temporary end. According to the band regarding their upcoming album Celestite:

Celestite arises with a whole new, ethereal approach. There are no drums and no vocals. Rather, deep, heavy crystalline synthesizer journeying, Eno-inspired analog processing and arcane acoustic instrumentation expand upon dimensions folded within the universe of Celestial Lineage.
So, not only is it a companion piece to their last album (many songs are based on backing tracks of Celestial Lineage) but it will not be a metal album whatsoever. I'm a tad disappointed about this, because WITTR has been a go-to band whenever I wanted to listen to some black metal in the past, and I was looking forward to some more of that style from them on their new album, however, this is exciting as well because of the ambient "Brian Eno" influenced music that will come out on Celestite.I do wish that some vocals would show up on this thing, though. Some distant black metal shrieking would turn this into a nice black ambient record, meaning that not all black metal influence would be lost but, alas, this isn't to be.

So, this album might be a fresh, nicely executed idea. This album could potentially blow me away. Or, this new album could potentially be a pile of "meh". I'll hold my judgement until the album is released in the first quarter of this year.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Content!

Hey guys! So, I have new content up on Sputnik and Youtube, so here's a rundown

  • Indian-From All Purity ALBUM REVIEW: Indian's latest album has finally turned me into a fan of this band. Their last album Guiltless was decent, but a little one-note. This new album embraces more noise experimentation and is actually HEAVIER than their last album as well. I dig it. Read it HERE
  • Jeff Buckley-Grace ALBUM REVIEW: Grace is one of my all time favorite albums from on of my all time favorite singers. It's a treat that every music fan should try. The review was received very well, so read it HERE
  • Also, check below for a new video discussing the burden of proof. Is it on theists? Or is it on atheists? You decide

As always: Stay based, and keep it heavy!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Pallbearers (A Poem)

The Pallbearers.
They carry me westward,
covered in velvet,
encased in mahogany.
Wander to the site of a lonely grave,
hallowed out, ready to embrace me.
A count of five.
Silence among the rustling winds.
A tear escapes the eye of one
as he begins to hum a sorrowful tune.
He sheds inhibition and begins to sing.
A high tenor, trembling slightly.
One, then two.
Three, then four.
The five dour men begin singing the tune of the Foreigner
as I’m buried six feet deep.
Given to the grave.
Into new life.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Poem (For Jeff)

You pull the mojo pin on your grenade.
I see your soul escape its callous shell
and seep into my mind
and into my heart.
Mingling with my very own soul.
It leads me through the tangles of neurons
to a tranquil place
Soul to soul.
It whispers in a godly falsetto.
A note lasting an eternity
wandering into future eons.
It utters,
“Kiss me. Please, kiss me”
I do.
It fiercely pulls away
Tears begin slowly trickling down its silvery face
as it struggles for a thing to say
“I know that in time, I’ll only make you cry.”
All placidness was lost as it bolted away
back into its shell.
The warm lights dimmed and faded
“No,” I say “this isn’t over.”
“This will not be your last goodbye”

A Tribute to Black Metal (Poem)

Sprawling black roots of sound
extended below by mammoth Tree of Odin.
Bark grey and chipping with age.
Planted in times of pagan gods and Viking raids,
thriving on modern misanthropy
Ravishing grimness overtakes underground.
Chords of obsidian darkness
play to the lost and the damned.
Hel at the reins
directing roots of horrific essence
throughout the bleak countryside of the Eastern front,
the bustling city of liberty,
the jungles of Myan descendants,
the frostbitten forests of the north.
A befouled metallic creation.
Odin stands triumphant.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Prowler in the Yard: A Poem

If you read my last post, I gave a link to my review of the CLASSIC album Prowler in the Yard by the mighty Pig Destroyer. It is truly rock out material of the highest degree, so feel free to read my review of the album and give it a listen when you have the time. In fact, I love the album so much that I wrote a short poem about it! Here it is.

New Reviews!

Hi guys. I've been lazy lately, so I've been forgetting to post my sputnik reviews on my blog. So instead of copying and pasting each one here, I'll continue to be lazy and just give you links to all of them. So here they are!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Tribute to Jeff Buckley

Technical ability in the music world can only take you to a certain point before something unexplainable from outside the four walls of a practice room, or perhaps from deep within the musician occupying the room, has to take over and lead you the rest of the way. You can call it “soul” or “spirit”, or maybe it’s something otherworldly that inspires the artist. Whatever it might be, this force coupled with outstanding technique is what truly great musicians are made of. This force guides the fingers across the fretboard, tugs at the vocal cords, and controls every musical step of the artist. Jeff Buckley, I believe, is unquestionably one of those artists who was in complete control of this force.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Blair Witch Project - MOVIE REVIEW

Hey guys. So this isn't going to be a formally written 3rd person review like my album reviews are, nor does it give a plot summary; it will merely be my thoughts on a movie that might go down as one of my favorites: The Blair Witch Project.