Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Sadboys/Gravity Boys Playlist

As you all know from reading this blog, I love Yung Lean and Sadboys with a passion. Here is my current playlist of my favorite songs by Sadboys and Gravity Boys (the other, closely affiliated Swedish rap group. [Indicated in brackets] ) as of 2014. This playlist features 27 songs and is over 80 minutes long and it features material from all three main Yung Lean albums plus the Neal Yung 2003 unofficial mixtape, as well as various singles and material from the GTBSG compilation and Bladee's Gluee mixtape as well. This will only get longer as the two groups release more material. I'm pretty satisfied with how these songs flow together, so here they are with the names of their respective albums in parentheses.
  1. Blommor (Unknown Memory)
  2. Nitevision (Unknown Death 2002)
  3. Sunrise Angel (Unknown Memory)
  4. OreoMilkShake (Sadboys 2001/Lavender EP)
  5. Nekobasu (Soundcloud Single)
  6. Ginseng Strip 2002 (Sadboys 2001/Lavender EP)
  7. Oceans 2001 (Unknown Death 2002)
  8. Bleach [Bladee & Ecco2k, Gravity Boys] (GTBSG)
  9. Don't Go (Unknown Memory)
  10. Gatorade (Unknown Death 2002)
  11. Plastic Boy (Neal Yung 2003)
  12. Hurt (Unknown Death 2002)
  13. Kyoto (Kyoto Single)
  14. Motorola (Soundcloud Single)
  15. Ice Cold Smoke (Unknown Memory)
  16. Hold Me Down Like Gravity [Ecco2k, Gravity Boys] (GTBSG)
  17. ebay [Gravity Boys] (Gluee)
  18. Ghosttown (Unknown Memory)
  19. Princess Daisy (Unknown Death 2002)
  20. Pixelated Tears [BONES ft. Yung Lean] (Neal Yung 2003/CREEP)
  21. Emails (Unknown Death 2002)
  22. everlasting flames [Bladee & Thaiboy Digital, Gravity Boys] (Gluee)
  23. Yoshi City (Unknown Memory)
  24. The 5th Element (Sadboys 2001)
  25. 3D Spaceship (Sadboys 2001)
  26. unreal [Bladee, Gravity Boys] (Gluee)
  27. Ginseng Strip [remix] (Neal Yung 2003

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